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Giving Tuesday

On Tuesday December 1, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, Skokie Central Congregation is participating in  #GivingTuesday.
During this time of spiritual, emotional, and practical trial due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we remain together with you, many of you still in spirit only, steadfast in the desire to serve our community. Please stand with us to support Skokie Central Congregation and join in making a donation, so we can continue to support our community now and in the future when we can come together with all of you.
Your gift today will make a great difference by helping us to provide Skokie Central Congregation with the necessary funds and resources to meet the needs of our congregation especially during these most challenging times.

Click below to donate, and thank you for your generosity!

  • The Kab Shabber:   $30/month or $360 for the year to support our Friday night services

  • The Layner Maintainer:  $100/month or $1200 for the year to sponsor the cost of one Torah reading per month

  • The 100 Times Chai Club Membership Opportunity:  $150/month or $1800 for the year to obtain a Family Membership (worth $900), a $200 credit towards sponsorship of a kiddish, and free passes for 2 to an in-shul dinner ($50 value)

  • The Kol Nidre:  $300/month or $3600 for the year to sponsor the cost of our Ba’al Mussaf Chazzan for Rosh HaShanna and Yom Kippur

  • The Ner Tamid – our Eternal Flame:  $1000/month or $12,000 for the year to help pay our utility bills so that we can keep our lights on

  • For those on especially tight budgets, a basic donation of $10/month or $120 for the year, Biz Hundert un Tsvantsik- Until 120!

Mon, May 27 2024 19 Iyyar 5784