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Dear Fellow Skokie Central Members,                                                     July 27, 2022                                                   B”H

As we approach the High Holidays, we would like to take the opportunity to reflect on the past year and look ahead to the upcoming year. This past year we had successful events and fundraisers. We launched a capital campaign to raise funds to pay off our building, we have had guest speakers on Shabbos, weekly Sunday morning classes, many Kiddushes, Purim dinner, Friday night dinner, a successful 2nd annual Chanukah box sale, and services every Shabbat, Holiday, and Sunday morning.  

We would like to thank Rachelle Rosenfeld for her years of service to the shul as she is retiring. Her contributions are greatly appreciated, and we are in her debt for everything she has done for us.  

This year we welcome Shelly Mendelsberg as our High Holiday Chazzan. We also welcome Sadie Hulkower as our new office administrator. We look forward to many more special events as our shul I”YH continues to grow.

In order for our shul to grow and operate we ask that you renew your membership. This year the dues will remain the same as last year. Also, in order to grow we are launching our membership drive. For new full family and single memberships, we are offering those for half price for the first year. We also have an associate membership for those with a full membership at another shul.


Family membership $1000, which includes 2 adult seats plus children living at home under the age of 23 for the high holidays, voting rights, and discounts to shul events                            

Single membership $525, which includes 1 seat for the high holidays, voting rights, and discounts to shul events

Associate membership (for those with full membership elsewhere), $400 and discounts to shul events

Extra High Holiday seats for children living at home over the age of 23, $125

Non-member High Holiday seats, $175 each


We ask that dues be paid by August 31st.  For anyone with a past due balance, please make payment prior to that date to keep your account current. No one will be refused membership due to financial hardship. If you require a payment plan or accommodation, please email or call Reuven Masliansky to make arrangements. 

Our annual dues meet only about 30% of our yearly operating costs. Understandably, we welcome all donations to help us meet our budgetary shortfall for expenses.  In addition to any regular donation you may choose to make, there are several categories for recurring monthly donations ranging from $15 per month to $1000 per month.  Plaques to honor your departed family members are available on our Memorial Wall for $225 each, and leaves on our Tree of Life to commemorate a Simcha start at $72.  We will be having our annual Yom Kippur appeal.  Also once again sponsorships for full or partial pages are available in our annual Book of Remembrance, which will be published and distributed on Yom Kippur.

Our capital campaign is in full swing as we have raised $177,500 so far.  We still have naming opportunities for many rooms in the shul including the sanctuary.

  • Outside of the building  sold    $150,000
  • Sanctuary                                  $50,000
  • Multi-purpose room                   $15,000
  • Library                sold                 $10,000        
  • Rabbis office                               $7,500
  • Kitchen               sold                  $7,500
  • Main office                                   $7,500
  • Coat room                                   $5,000
  • Conference room                        $5,000
  • Kids room           sold                  $5,000
  • Lobby                                          $5,000
  • Main restroom    sold                  $5,000
  • Vestibule                                     $5,000

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we wish everyone a Shana Tovah. We look forward to seeing everyone in shul and celebrating the holidays together.

Best wishes,

Reuven Masliansky,                              Keren I. Hulkower,                                                                                                              President                                              Membership, Ways and Means


Wed, March 29 2023 7 Nisan 5783