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Candle Lighting Times

Parsha            Date              Time 

Vayera                Novenber 15 ,  4:09 p.m.

Chayei Sarah    November 22,  4:04 p.m.

Toldot                 November 29,  4:01 p.m. Vayetzei             December 6,      3:59 p.m.

Vayishlach        December 13,    3:59 p.m.

Vayeshev           December 20,   4:01 p.m.

Miketz                December 27,    4:05 p.m.




David Rubnich           14 Cheshvan   November 13,

Esther Scher             15 Cheshvan    November 13,

Paul David Leeb        15 Cheshvan    November 13,

Ben Greenspahn       15 Cheshvan    November 13,

Harry Glustoff             15 Cheshvan   November 13,

Margaret Cohen         15 Cheshvan   November 13,

Ben Rosenstein          15 Cheshvan   November 13,

Blanch G. Shelton      15 Cheshvan   November 13,

Zelik Epelbaum          15 Cheshvan   November 14,

Arnold Beck                16 Cheshvan   November 14,

Melvin Chanock          16 Cheshvan  November 14,

Sarah Derman            16 Cheshvan  November 14,

Ben H. Moss               16 Cheshvan  November 15,

Dorothy Appelblatt      17 Cheshvan  November 15,

Judy Cohen                 17 Cheshvan  November 15,

Julius Milkes                17 Cheshvan  November 15,

David Charles Schultz 17 Cheshvan  November 15,

Marion Braverman       17 Cheshvan November 15,

Arthur Salomon           17 Cheshvan  November 15,

Abe Becker                  17 Cheshvan November 15,

Leo Schneiderman      18 Cheshvan  November 16,

William Mishell            18 Cheshvan  November 16,

Tina Pearlman             20 Cheshvan  November 18,

Fannie Kozlov              20 Cheshvan November 18,

Curtis Manning            20 Cheshvan  November 18,

Sol Krockey                 21 Cheshvan  November 19,

David Lorber               21 Cheshvan  November 19,

Abraham Marmer        22 Cheshvan  November 20,

Dolores Berman          22 Cheshva   November 20,

Mollie Camac              23 Cheshvan  November 21,

Pearl Wasserman       23 Cheshvan  November 21,

Bessie Myers              23 Cheshvan  November 21,


Skokie Central received this lovely ark and menorahs from the Rocky Mount synagogue in North Carolina.  The following is the text that our synagogue received from Sarah Fuerst after her visit to Skokie Central this past Simchat Torah.  Sarah was one of Rocky Mount's long standing members who helped facilitate the sending of the ark to us.


    "Jane and I were overwhelmed by our warm welcome at Skokie Central...What a wondrous congregation!  The rabbi and the chazzan led a beautiful service.  The symbolism of our being there on Simchat Torah was striking, The Ark and the menorahs look fabulous in their new home.  I love the way the congregation used the glass cover from their old Eternal Light on the base of Rocky Mount's Eternal Light.  It was a perfect way to blend the old with the new."



         DECEMBER  6 


      MELAVE MALKA    



          DECEMBER 24



          Details to follow

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